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Physical Reprints (Paper Publishing)

If you are interested in publishing a physical reprint that is printed on paper (for example, a printed book or brochure or a set of handouts for a course), then you have to get my explicit permission.

These physical reprints are permitted under the condition that you include the URL for each original Web page.

Note that the permission to reprint a number of my Web pages for free only applies to physical versions of your publications. If they have an online version, then please do not reproduce my articles there. Instead, simply link to the original pages on

Special rule for CD-ROMs etc.: If you are manufacturing physical data storage media like floppy disks, CD-ROMs, DVDs, etc., then you can treat them as a physical reprint if and only if you are not making the content of this physical storage medium accessible over a computer network. (A typical example that's OK would be to produce a CD-ROM with the full text of a book as long as the CD is only distributed with the physical book.)

Physical reprints that involve a larger number of my Web pages are only allowed with explicit permission.

Electronic and Online Reproduction

I do not permit other websites to copy my articles without explicit permission. If you are interested in referring your readers to one or more of my articles, then simply use a hypertext link to the original article stored on I will do my best for the domain URLs remain the same, so you can safely link to any of my articles.

Copying Style Sheets and Artwork

You are welcome to copy my CSS style sheet. If you want to use this design element on your own site, then please make a copy and store it on your own server so that you don't add to the load on my server. This is the only exception to the rule of never placing copies of my work on other servers. Other artwork cannot be copied without special permission, though I will often grant this if you want to use a single figure.

Fair Use Quotes

If you are writing a review or commentary about, you are free to illustrate it with one or more screenshots of the site without special permission.

Also, you can quote any of my published articles without special permission.

Even though there is no rule that requires this, it would be nice if any quote was supplemented by a link to the full article on so that any interested readers can retrieve the original context from which the quote was pulled.

Translation Rights

Translations are only allowed with explicit permission. Many languages are available if you want to get the rights. I am specially interested in: