Research Interests

Nowadays the computer has become a new medium for narrative representation with a great ludic, pedagogical, artistic and even therapeutic potential. This is the "perfect" medium for interactive storytelling, a kind of narrative difficult to find in novels or films. The interactive dilemma is the conflict that arises between authors and interactors because they are not able to control simultaneously the development of the story. The author is the owner of his work, the one who creates the necessary elements to generate all the possible stories, but the interactors also take part significantly in the development of each particular story. To solve this conflict, is necessary to admit that the end product is a result of a collaboration. At the moment, the only way to preserve the "author rights" and the final goal of the application was to include a human mediator, in representation of the author, who took part as a moderator during the interaction and the generation of the story.

In our work the foundations of narratives (both sequential and multisequential) are studied, including diverse techniques for integrating interactive storytelling in the computer:  interfaces in natural language, interactor modeling, dramatic control of story, simulation of virtual worlds and intelligent characters. As implementation, we are designing a system for automatic conduction of interactive digital narratives, inspired by the role-playing game masters and their construction of stories in a creative and player-oriented way. In order to illustrate its utility we propose a text adventure that uses our automatic story conductor.

Research Projects

In these projects we are applying Artificial Intelligence techniques like Case-Based Reasoning and Description Logics Ontologies for knowledge representation. The domains of our applications are entertainment, education and narratology.

Perhaps the next Shakespeare of this world will be a great live-action role-playing GM [Game Master] who is also an expert computer scientist. 
Janet H. Murray, Hamlet on the Holodeck, MIT Press, 1997 (p.152)