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    This software comes with no warranty (see License) and it is in the development stage (alpha version) so that many expected functionalities will not work.

Current Version:

Getting Started:

    Download ACIDE alpha version from above, decompress it, and execute the jar file. As released, this system is preconfigured with a sample project for MS Windows and its command shell (cmd.exe).

    Typically, to configure ACIDE to work with any given system:

    First: Configure the shell (Configuration -> Shell) and select the executable of the system shell (interpreter, compiler, database, ...) (e.g., C:\winnt\system32\cmd.exe), its working directory (if any), the quit command (e.g., exit), and whether the shell echoes user inputs (as, e.g., for the Windows operating system shell).

    Second: Configure the toolbar (Configuration -> Toolbar) for adding new commands that can be executed from the icons in the toolbar. Give a toolbar icon name (e.g., type), the command that will be executed (e.g., type $activeFile$, which stands for executing the command type followed by the name of the selected file in the multifile editor), a help text if desired (e.g., Command for typing the current file), a file image (if desired). The icons in a toolbar can be saved as a list (Save list) and loaded afterwards (Load list).

    Third: Configure or load the (programming) language for syntax colouring (Configuration -> Lexicon), and file extension associations (e.g., bat). Currently, parsing is included but it cannot be applied.

    Fourth: Try to open a file and check whether the syntax is highlighted and whether you can submit your commands to the shell clicking your buttons (e.g., type).

    More details can be found in the User Manual above.

Previous Versions:

    • ACIDE alpha version 0.16 (released on August, 14th, 2014). Sources
    • ACIDE alpha version 0.15 (released on April, 29th, 2014). Sources
    • ACIDE alpha version 0.14 (released on March, 12th, 2014)
    • ACIDE alpha version 0.13 (released on February, 3rd, 2014). Sources
    • ACIDE alpha version 0.12 (released on December, 18th, 2013). Sources
    • ACIDE alpha version 0.11 (released on July, 8th, 2013). Sources
    • ACIDE alpha version 0.10 (released on April, 24th, 2013). Sources
    • ACIDE alpha version 0.9 (released on December, 20th, 2012)
    • ACIDE alpha version 0.8 (released on July, 8th, 2011). Sources
    • ACIDE alpha version 0.7 (released on November, 5th, 2008). Sources
    • ACIDE alpha version 0.6 (released on August, 20th, 2007). Sources
    • ACIDE alpha version 0.5 (released on June, 4th, 2007)
    • ACIDE alpha version 0.4 (released on May, 18th, 2007)
    • ACIDE alpha version 0.3 (released on April, 25th, 2007)
    • ACIDE alpha version 0.2 (released on April, 16th, 2007)
    • ACIDE alpha version 0.1 (released on April, 9th, 2007)
    • ACIDE alpha version 0.0 (launched on March, 2007)