Datalog Educational System

DES 3.6 released. March 2014

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The Datalog Educational System (DES) is a deductive database system with Datalog, SQL, and Relational Algebra as query languages.

Features in short:

  • Free, open-source, multiplatform, portable, Prolog-based implementation.
  • Extended Datalog (outer joins, aggregates, ordering, top-N answers, modes, ...)
  • Extended SQL language (division relational operation, ...)
  • Extended RA (recursion, ...)
  • Duplicates
  • ODBC
  • Integrity constraints
  • Hypothetical reasoning
  • Datalog and SQL declarative debuggers and tracers
  • Test case generation for SQL views
  • Textual API
  • Tabling
  • Stratified negation
  • Full-fledged arithmetic

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