August, 5th, 2015

      DES 3.11 released with a brand new Datalog debugger.

    January, 21st, 2015

      DES 3.10 released and capable of tracing and debugging external databases.

    December, 1st, 2014

    November, 26th, 2014

      DES 3.9 released with improved SQL and RA languages, and syntax colouring updated for ACIDE.

    July, 30th, 2014

      DES 3.8 released with automatic type casting, better SQL to Datalog compilations, and a new ACIDE version 0.16 with improved panels.

    April, 28th, 2014

      DES 3.7 released with negative assumptions in SQL, compilations to implications, and a new ACIDE version 0.15 with graphical tracers.

    March, 12th, 2014

      DES 3.6 released with restricted predicates, negative assumptions in Datalog, and a new ACIDE version 0.14.

    February, 3rd, 2014

      DES 3.5 released with a new ACIDE version 0.13 and several enhancements for SQL, commands, and syntax checking.

    January, 22nd, 2014

      More than 50K downloads since DES first release.

    December, 10th, 2013

      Celebrating 10 years since the first public release 1.0.

    December, 18th, 2013

      DES 3.4 released with a new ACIDE version 0.12 and several enhancements for RA, SQL, safety and constraints.

    October, 22nd, 2013

      DES 3.3.2 released with several enhancements for modes and SQL, changes and bug fixings.

    July, 28th, 2013

      DES 3.3.1 released fixing a critical bug, adding modes to unsafe predicates, and enhancing the Datalog debugger.

    July, 12th, 2013

      DES 3.3 released including a new ACIDE version featuring a database management panel. Also, some performance tweaks, new commands, and several enhancements.

    February, 7th, 2013

      New distros for Mac OS X Snow Leopard are released, built with SICStus Prolog.

    February, 4th, 2013

      Uploaded new binaries built with SWI-Prolog for Mac OS X as there was an initialization error.

    February, 3rd, 2013

      The entire distribution was not available until this day due to hosting problems.

    February, 2nd, 2013

      DES 3.2 released adding hypothetical Datalog queries, SQL functional dependencies and CHECK clauses, ordering of Datalog and SQL answers.

    December, 23th, 2012

      Added 64 bit binaries built with SICStus Prolog.

    December, 20th, 2012

      DES 3.1 released adding deductive query solving for external databases, new SQL and RA features, and a new version of ACIDE running on Windows, Linux and Mac OS’s.

    November, 15th, 2012

      DES 3.1 beta 1.0 released adding new features and fixing some bugs. Only Windows 32bit distros. A stable release will be ready soon.

    September, 19th, 2012

      "Tabling with Support for Relational Features in a Deductive Database System", Presented at PROLE2012 (SISTEDES). Best paper award.

    May, 10th, 2012

      DES 3.0 released with persistency via ODBC connections, a new SQL debugger and relaxed license to LGPL v3.

    February, 10th, 2012

    February, 7th, 2012

      “Declarative Debugging of Wrong and Missing Answers for SQL Views”, Accepted for publication in the 11th International Symposium on Functional and Logic Programming (FLOPS 2010).

    January, 9th, 2012

      Reworked web site.

    January, 3rd, 2012

      DES 2.7 released with Extended Relational Algebra processor, switchable multi-line input, and SQL extensions.

    October, 26th, 2011

      DES 2.6 released with SQL hypothetical queries, top-n SQL and Datalog queries, new commands and syntax error enhancing.

    September, 14th, 2011

      Releases for MS Windows 64bit built with SWI-Prolog 5.10.5, and Mac OS X Snow Leopard built with SWI-Prolog 5.10.4 are also available.

    September, 13th, 2011

      DES 2.5 released with a textual API (TAPI) for communication with external programs, a bundle of new commands and SQL statements, type inferencing for SQL queries, and new ports.

    July, 7th, 2011

      DES 2.4 released with safety and computability revisited for metapredicates, enhanced syntax error reporting, and a new GUI version: ACIDE 0.8.

    May, 24th, 2011

      DES 2.3 released with a SQL declarative debugger, Datalog distinct operator and SQL distinct clause for projection list and aggregates.

    March, 25th, 2011

      Stand-alone executables for MacOSX Snow Leopard (built with SWI-Prolog) and Linux (built under Ubuntu 10.04.1 with SICStus Prolog) uploaded. Added instructions on how to build binaries with SICStus Prolog, and updated instructions for SWI-Prolog.

    March, 24th, 2011

      DES 2.2 released with enhanced type system, connections to ODBC data sources and new ports to SICStus Prolog 4.2.0 and Ciao Prolog 1.13.0.

    November, 30th, 2010

      DES 2.1 released with strong integrity constraints and enabled access from SQL statements to Datalog relations via type constraints.

    October, 7th, 2010

      DES 2.0.1 SICStus source version patched Datalog queries against ODBC connections (no advertisements were made for this release as it was a minor one).

    September, 22nd, 2010

      DES 2.0.1 executable for Mac OS X Leopard (32bit, Intelx86).

      (Easy) Instructions on how to build your own executable.

      ODBC connections successfully tested on Ubuntu 10.04.1.

      Updated list of Publications.

    September, 13th, 2010

      DES 2.0.1 patches to SWI source distributions in order to support SWI-Prolog 5.10.1 (no advertisements were made for this DES release as it was a minor one).

    August, 31st, 2010

      DES 2.0 released, allowing access to relational DBMS via ODBC and including Datalog and SQL query tracers.

    March, 17th, 2010

      DES 1.8.1 released, fixing errors in the binary distributions.

    December, 21st, 2009

    December, 18th, 2009

      DES 1.8.0 released with a more mature test case generator

    October, 30th, 2009

      DES 1.7.0 released with Datalog and SQL aggregates, types, constraints and test case generation

    March, 10th, 2009

      DES 1.6.2 released with null values, Datalog outer join operators and SQL outer join clauses

    November, 10th, 2008

      DES 1.6.1 released with arithmetic expressions and subqueries in SQL comparisons

    July, 28th, 2008

      DES 1.6.0 released with SQL integrated

    December, 30th, 2007

      DES 1.5.0 released with new features and Linux executable fixed

    September, 2nd, 2007

      DES 1.4.0 released and equipped with arithmetic

    August, 20th, 2007

      ACIDE 0.6 released

    June, 4th, 2007

      ACIDE 0.5 released

    May, 18th, 2007

      ACIDE 0.4 released

      ACIDE 0.4 tested with DES 1.3.0. No changes are now required on DES

    April, 25th, 2007

      ACIDE 0.3 released

    April, 16th, 2007

      ACIDE 0.2 released

    April, 9th, 2007

      ACIDE 0.1 released

    May, 2nd, 2007

      DES 1.3.0 released and equipped with a declarative debugger

    March, 16th, 2007

      ACIDE 0.0 released, a configurable integrated development environment tested for DES

    February, 22th, 2007

    February, 9th, 2007

      DES 1.2.0 released with many improvements

    December, 20th, 2006

      DES 1.1.2 released, fixing some bugs

    February, 21st, 2005

      DES 1.1.1 released, containing a Linux executable version

    March, 4th, 2004

      DES 1.1 released and published by

    December, 10th, 2003

      DES 1.0 launched