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Vega Solaris Videogame:

  • Version 89 (final):
    • TZX format (Spanish, English). For example, this works with ZX Spin emulator. You can select a fast loading (Tools->Options->Images-> Accelerated loading -> Edge loader (Speedload)) if you wish. You need a normal load if you want to experience the particular loading process, which includes a “Space Invaders” game. The Spanish version was presented at MadriSX&Retro 2005, and the English version at MadriSX&Retro 2006.
    • Z80 format (Spanish, English).
    • New! (4/2/2008) Windows Emulator developed by Chui. Download and sinply execute the English version of the game.
    • Game Map.
  • Version 87 (beta). No sound, basic AI, and preliminary graphics:
  • On-line Simulator, Java-written, for the final version by 1989, in World of Spectrum (you do not need to install anything). Also in ESpectrum (, you can play with the beta version by 1987. Warning: You have to left-click on the game screen for the keyboard events to be catched by the simulator.


Cassette Inlays:

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