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 Simulador física de helicóptero
 Vega Solaris
 Vega Solaris. The Remake
 Vega Solaris. The Remake (English)


  • The goal of this project is to remake Vega Solaris videogame for mobile phones and PC computers. The implementation language is Java because of its multiplatform feature

Development Team:

  • Fernando Sáenz Pérez (supervisor)
  • Sergio Díaz Jubera
  • Javier Gallego Ahijón
  • José María Sobrinos García

Main Features of this Project:

  • Artificial intelligence for automatic control of the characters.
  • Multiplayer videogame with network control (both Bluetooth and TCP/IP)

Presentation in MadriSX&Retro06 (3/4/2006):


  • Project Documentation (in Spanish)
  • Instructions, covers, etc. (English)
  • Mobile Phones (Java CLDC 1.1 MIDP 2.0). Beta version tested on Nokia 6230i, 6600, 6630, N70, Siemens CX 65, CX 70, Sony Ericsson K310i. Most phones only need the .jar file, others also need the .jad file
    • Normal (467KB): Jar, Jad (English version)
    • Ofuscated (406KB): Jar, Jad (English version)
    • Sources. Distributed under GPL
    • If you want to translate Vega Solaris to your language, simply find .vs files in res/datos/pantallas and change them with a text editor.
  • PC (not available yet)
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