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Do you want to contribute to this project? Are you proficient enough for reassembling the game from Z80 sources? Do you have any original idea to develop? If so, contact us.

There are many a valuable persons who have contributed in many ways to Vega Solaris, ranging from recovering the lost original material to new emergent projects. Among such people, and in chronological order (apologies for omissions and lack of precision) you can find:

  • Josetxu Malanda. He invited us, the authors, to MadriSX&Retro 2005, where the “almost-final” version was recovered.
  • Juan Pablo López Grao. He succeeded in recovering the last version we have, although he should crack his tape recorder.
  • José Manuel Claros Trujillo. He was with Juan Pablo in the recovery process, and, besides, he recovered original material from tapes, as assembly sources.
  • Miguel Prada. He studied and modified the recovered version and he was successful in generating the final tzx with all its functionality. Besides, he generated the English version. He also drew the game map by visiting each one of the game screens.
  • Santiago Romero. He designed wonderful cassette inlays, so that we can have the videogame as it were found seventeen years ago.
  • MadriSX&Retro organizers (Rafa y Fernando). They allowed us to be part of such an unforgetable meeting.
  • Students from Computer Science (Sergio Díaz Jubera, Javier Gallego Ahijón, José María Sobrinos García). They are responsible of “Vega Solaris. The Remake”, an adaptation of the videogame for PC and mobile phones.
  • Daniel Lancha García (Chui). He developed a Spectrum emulator for Sega’s Dreamcast videoconsole. He presented his emulator in MadriSX&Retro 2006 by running Vega Solaris.
  • Pablo Suao (University of Alicante, Spain). He will use Vega Solaris as a platform to implement artificial intelligence strategies in order to develop a collaborative multiplayer version.
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