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If you think that C programs accessing low-level hardware is a nightmare, maybe you have not reached the hells of assembly programming for developing a commercial videogame with home methods for a computer with features such as: 8 bits, 3.5 MHz (one thousand less than today PCs!, taking into account only the frequency aspect, but no parallelism FPU, GPU, segmentation, and son on), 42Kb free memory for the program, no cross assemblers, the same computer for development and playing, programs loaded in tapes, need of memory and  speed optimization, ... If you like to read more, download this document (in Spanish. Drop me an e-mail if you want to read this in English).

Game Map

01 - Mapa.jpg

Memory Map (not completed). Excel Format

Memory map

Original Information about the Code

02 - Rutinas ordenadas alfabeticamente (compactacion final).jpg
03 - Direcciones comienzo rutinas (compactacion final).jpg
03 - Direcciones comienzo rutinas (compactacion final) 2.jpg
04 - Rutinas principales 1.jpg
05 - Rutinas principales 2.jpg
06 - Rutinas principales 3.jpg
07 - IA 1.jpg
08 - IA 2.jpg
09 - IA 3.jpg
10 - IA 4.jpg
11 - IA 5.jpg
12 - IA 6.jpg

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