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The following picture shows the state panel, which contains three main sections: the left section shows information about the human character, the middle section shows the elapsed time, and the right section shows information about the alien.


Character Information Section


The indicator of stamina can be found in the centre of an oval figure which changes from bright white (maximum stamina) to black (without stamina) throughout the sixteen colours available in the Spectrum. The character falls unconscious when the stamina is used up. While he is in such state, stamina is regained as time passes by. Another way to recover stamina is by eating.


The four pockets are shown on the right end of the information section of the human and on the left end in the case of the alien. Only one of the pockets is active: this is shown in blue background.


There are four icons (three arrows and a diamond) on the in-formation section of each character. These allow you to use, pick up, drop and steal objects. Only one of the icons is active at a time (which is indicated in yellow fore colour). When pressing the Selector key (that can be user defined), it changes to the following icon (from left to right and top-down).

Pocket Selection

If this icon (right arrow) is selected, a pocket can be selected by pressing the Fire key as many times as necessary (the pockets are selected in the same order as the icons: from left to right and top to bottom). If we arealongside the unconscious opposite character,we will select his pocket (this is useful to steal from him) .


When this icon is selected and Fire is pressed, the object in the selected pocket is used. This means that you can shoot an arrow, eat, activate a spell, etc., depending on the contents of the pocket. If the pocket is empty, the character strikes with punches. Bugs can be knocked down by punches, but this will consume a lot of stamina. It is always better to use spells or weapons.

Pick Up/Steal

When this icon is selected alongside an object lying on the ground and Fire is pressed, the character picks it up. If the pocket already contains an object, then they are interchanged.

This icon is also used to steal objects from the other character. To do so, one behaves as if trying to take an object from the ground, but alongside the other character. The latter must be unconscious for the former to be able to steal from him. In general, one must: 1) move away from the opposite character so that we are able to select the pocket where we want to keep the stolen object, 2) place alongside the opposite character and to select his pocket, and 3) pick up the object.


When this icon is selected and Fire is pressed, we drop the object on the ground next to the character (as long as there is room for the object).

Score Section

Atthe bottom of each panel, the corresponding score is shown. This increases as the bugs are knocked down or the opposite character’s stamina is weakened by our weapons.

Time Section

Between the information sections of the characters there is a space to show an image that is completed as time passes by. The game finishes when the image is completed or when the goal of the game is accomplished .

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