Interactive Digital Storytelling

Federico Peinado, Pablo Gervás, Carlos León and Jorge Carrillo de Albornoz


This material was created on 2011 for a short seminar on Interactive Digital Storytelling celebrated at the Facultad de Informática UCM.


Currently the lessons are only available in Spanish:

Introduction to the seminar (PDF, Spanish)
Narration and interaction (PDF, Spanish)
Story generation (PDF, Spanish)
Virtual environments (PDF, Spanish)
CryEngine 2 and Sandbox 2 (PDF, Spanish)
Drama management and user experience (PDF, Spanish)

Some works from our students:
The Call of Cyrconia (ZIP), interactive story created by Beatriz Martin as a short module for Neverwinter Nights (requires the commercial CRPG engine for playing).
First Person Past Generator (ZIP), microstory generator created by Carlos Giraldo and Vladimir Georgiev (requieres Prolog for execution).
Hysteria Prototype (ZIP), demo engine for graphical interactive fiction created by Alejandro Dobeson (includes Java Runtime Environment, required for execution).
Vivir o Morir, Tú Decides (ZIP), adventure for the interactive fiction standard ZBLORB created by Álvaro Montesinos (includes Frotz, one of the possible engines required for playing).

Copyright © 2011 by Federico Peinado